Simple fashion sash MS07 women's shoes exquisite rendering

The extremely busy life in the metropolis responds to fashion trends in black and white tones, simple lines, retro shapes, exquisite lambskin, MISS SOFI 2007 spring and summer to create a simple that is sexy minimalist style,?? Open a complex flower element or a beautiful color, this season with a simple and simple design? (1) υ 际 际 械 械 钏跤 钏跤 钏跤 white ( 4 夤 夤 夤 删 焕 焕 焕 焕 焕 焕 焕 焕 焕 执 执 执 执 执 执 歉 歉 歉 歉 歉 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米 米What is the name of the family?

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