Shopping Mall Secrets in Sun Tzu's Art of War

"The Art of War" is China's oldest military theoretical work in the world. It is known as the "original ancestor of the Eastern Military Academy" and "the ancient world's ancient military book." As the textbook of the US West Point Military Academy, Sun Tzu's Art of War is self-evident, but some of its strategic ideas are applied to the brand strategy, which will inevitably produce new effects.

Knowing ourselves and knowing each other is the premise of the enterprise market positioning

"The Grandson" and "The Tactics" said: "Knowing oneself and knowing oneself, there is no war." What it means is that when you are leading a war, you must understand the enemy and understand yourself. You must understand the situation of the enemy and the enemy, and you must not be unsure. Only in this way can you always stand in an invincible position. The purpose of knowing oneself and knowing oneself is to win the battle in a desperate manner. The means is to carry out investigation and research in depth. With the soldiers squatting on the battlefield, enterprises compete in the market, and to succeed in winning, there is a problem of investigating and knowing each other. If a company wants to create a branded product with its own characteristics and style, it must go to the market and be positioned by the market. The emergence of a brand is not from the outside of the market, but in the market, whether consumers can recognize it.

How to know each other? "The Grandson" summarizes the content of the survey as "five things, seven schools." The "five things" are to investigate the five main factors that determine the outcome of a war: one is the Tao, which means morality and politics; the second is the day, which refers to the weather; the third is the land, the land is profitable; the fourth is the will, the commander; It is law, referring to the system of decrees. "Seven schools" refers to the investigation and calculation from seven aspects, and comparative analysis of the conditions of the enemy and the enemy. Its content is: Which aspect can get the support and love of the public? Which aspect will be handsome? Which aspect is in the right place? Which aspect is disciplined? Which aspect of the soldiers are well trained? Which aspect of the award is clear?

In order to create your own brand, you must “follow five things, school seven measures”, investigate the main situation of the company in five aspects, and improve the management level on the basis of its own. At the same time, we analyze the situation of competitors from seven aspects and select the breakthrough of our own products.

The brand is positioned in the market. Therefore, the company must conduct the market research after “five things, seven schools” and must adhere to the idea of ​​“consumer sovereignty”. The research is clear about which customers to win for the products, and what methods can be used to win them. At the same time, they must be good at competing for customers from competitors, fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and consolidating their own brands.

Choosing people is to manage the brand

"Sun Tzu" and "Situ" said: "There are good warriors, seeking for the situation, not blaming others, so they can choose people and serve." The meaning is that the generals who are good at using soldiers, good at swaying and creating are beneficial to I am not conducive to the enemy's situation, and not demanding the subordinates. Therefore, we must choose and appoint suitable talents to create a situation that is conducive to my unfavorable enemy.

The society needs to progress, the economy needs to develop, and everything is inseparable from talent. Enterprises participating in market competition, although it is a product dispute, but products are created by people, technology is invented by human beings, in the final analysis, it is still a dispute of talents. The same is true of the brand strategy. Brand, not just the materialized product itself, it is a fusion, there are technological factors, there are talent factors. Its production is by no means a one-off, but lies in the choice of people, scientific management.

To manage the brand, we must effectively use people and know people. "The Grandson" said in "The Marching": "It is necessary to take the text of the order, and it is necessary to take the martial arts." The meaning is to use the means of the text to do a good job in the ideological work of the soldiers; to use force to strengthen the soldiers. Disciplined. In enterprise management, we must cultivate an ideal, a belief, shape our own enterprise spirit, and form a corporate culture system. At the same time, we must strictly discipline and ensure the smooth progress of production and management, and improve labor efficiency and economic benefits.

The contingency is to create a situation that is conducive to my unfavorable enemy. Market competition is not blind but a prepared contest. Enterprises must fully prepare for the conditions that can be defeated by competitors and overcome their competitors, investigate and study the weak links of their opponents, and take the opportunity to win.

The purpose of selecting people is to improve economic efficiency, so that the company's products, services and marketing competition are in a better state, resulting in a high level of concession, in order to improve economic efficiency and create brand products that are always their own.

Winning the enemy is a strategy to enhance brand competitiveness

"The Grandson" said in the "Nine Lands" that when you lead a war, you must carefully examine and identify the enemy's intentions. If you can take advantage of the time, concentrate your superior forces on the main direction, and you will be able to attack the enemy in a thousand miles. This is the so-called skill. thing. Skillful things can be achieved with clever strategies to achieve the goal of defeating the enemy.

If you want to create your own brand, you need entrepreneurs to be good at using wisdom, planning and strategy, focusing on using their own strengths, and grasping key contradictions to solve key problems in order to stabilize the market in the market competition. Imagine that the situation is unclear, the target is not accurate, the strategy is unreasonable, the power is scattered, can you "birth" the brand?

The implementation of the brand strategy runs through the entire process of production and management activities. Production should be selected as a target, and marketing should be based on strategy. The production alone cannot be branded, and marketing must be done at the same time. The main strategies that can be used for brand marketing in Sun Tzu's Art of War are: avoiding the enemy and defeating the enemy. According to the enemy's situation, avoid the enemy's advantage and attack its weaknesses. Take the facts of the enemy and defeat the enemy, and always take the initiative.

Surprisingly winning, because the enemy wins, is the basic principle that enterprises should participate in market competition and play their own brands. The market competition is complex and changeable. Only by adopting strategies with flexibility and marketability can the market be used to win the victory. On the contrary, if you stick to the rules, you will not be able to change because of change. It will inevitably lead to failure. It is rare to choose the right time and resolutely play your own brand and become famous at home and abroad.

Strategy is the decision-making way of winning the brand strategy

"The Grandson" said in "The Tactics": "Where the law of the soldiers is used, the whole country is the top, the country is broken, the soldiers are not defeated, and the good ones are also good." The implication is that in the marching war, it is best to surrender the enemy without a knife and a gun. It is a bad thing to break through the enemy after a bloody battle. Therefore, if the enemy is surrendered without fighting, it is a better and better decision in Gaoming. This kind of decision-making thought is the grandson's decision-making idea of ​​winning the whole victory. It can make the national army not to be frustrated and frustrated, and to use a small pay in exchange for a larger victory.

Under the fierce market competition conditions, the company's brand strategy is based on the premise of strategizing and making a successful business decision. The purpose of the enterprise's triumphant business decision-making is to defeat the people without fighting. The means of winning the whole is backed by its own strength, and the unsuccessful strategy creates a favorable situation for itself. The key to winning the whole is to improve the quality of the enterprise and innovate the technology. Innovative products, improve economic efficiency and enhance corporate strength. The brand strategy of striving for victory is to require enterprises to rely on technology, to create their own brand by strategy, to be strategizing in decision-making, to be timely and decisive, in order to fight against the war, and to require enterprises to carry out the idea of ​​winning the whole through the brand strategy. Always, not only create a brand, but also protect the brand and expand the brand effect. At every stage of business decision-making, every stage must strive to win and maintain its advantage.

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