The Five Golden Rules of Modern Enterprise Marketing

In the process of continuous development, the marketing concept is constantly improving. So what kind of marketing theory is the first-class marketing concept? For modern marketing, we must pay attention to both the results and the process; we must not only create external forces, but also lay the foundation for it; we must study strategies and work hard; we must pay attention to models and innovation; Management, but also to pay close attention to management. This concludes the five high mountain rules of modern marketing, and is also the five concepts that must be paid attention to in corporate marketing.

(1) Marketing, making a difference outside the country, doing it in the real world, the reality is the real thing, the real potential for the external market to create momentum, the momentum is outside, for the next step of sales work is of great help. When we scan the highly successful marketing campaigns in the Chinese market in recent years, it may be easy to find that those marketing events with strong influence, high reputation and good market sales results are not public relations pioneering event planning: "Good work in the world" event, Mengniu sponsored super girls, Skyworth and Vantage's home appliances to the countryside project, Li Ning's "non-Olympic" marketing events, the ban on Wang Laoji incident and so on. These events have become classic marketing cases with clever planning ideas and good momentum. Under the economic crisis, under the premise of a significant reduction in corporate marketing expenses, public relations marketing has emerged its powerful role: to obtain greater attention effects with lower investment.

From the perspective of marketing momentum, the essence of marketing is not the competition of products, but the competition of cognition: what kind of product is “what is” in the minds of consumers is far more important than what it actually is – it is decided The higher level of competition between enterprises is not the competition of product functions, but the competition of consumer cognition. Therefore, the public relations-led marketing campaign has a strong role in it: with excellent news planning and good communication means, let the public understand the enterprise in an all-round way, understand the people, enterprises, culture and stories behind the brand, and promote their brand. Known by understanding, by knowing and infinite loyalty, the brand wins the hearts of the people.

For the enterprise to be practical, foundation-based. Enterprises must have two excellent products: product quality and quality of business personnel. Quality is the foundation on which a company depends; quality is the life of the company. Without quality management measures, there will be no better product quality. Without good product quality, there will be no better future for the company! Product quality is the life of an enterprise. A company with a long-term vision should do whatever it takes to grasp the quality of its products. The fundamental of marketing is the quality of products and the quality of service marketing. No matter which brand of a company, if there is no hard product and service, it will not last long. Many companies have crashed down overnight because of product quality problems. For example, since January 28, Toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles in the United States, Europe and Asia. Honda announced on February 10 that it will recall 237,763 vehicles with hidden airbags worldwide. This painful lesson has sounded the alarm for many well-known international companies.

(2) Marketing, to Qisheng, to be positive, not surprisingly fast, not difficult to grow in the market, to win, to be positive. A tree has foundations and branches. If it is proportional to the foundation, then the odd is the foliage. It can be said that if there is no positive, there is no oddity. Odd is in the positive support, can be called odd.

This is viewed from the strategic point of view of the "world", which will be regarded as the basic strength, and the odd is regarded as a military offensive. It is unimaginable that there is no solid foundation for fighting for years. When Zhuge Liang came out of Qilian Mountain in the past, the reason for the real failure can be said to be that there is no solid foundation. With the geographical location of the country and the country, there is no strategic advantage over the Wei State; plus Guan Yu and Liu Bei twice defeated the East and defeated the army. To Zhuge Liang’s military use in successive years, the country’s victory over Wei has no hope.

From the perspective of the strategic base, this is the deep-seated reason for the war. Why Xiang Yu, Huang Chao, and Li Zicheng, although they can win the battle of Jiangshan, have lost the reason. In the previous articles, I have discussed the reasons for the failure of Xiang Yu in the victorious battles. The reason for the failure of Xiang Yu in the non-good good is actually a deep reason. Xiang Yu, Huang Chao, and Li Zicheng are naturally not weak in tactics, but the problem is that they all lack strategic bases and do not have the basis for sustained support for war. On the contrary, Liu Bang, Li Shimin, Zhu Yuanzhang, etc., are all committed to the construction of strategic bases when they have not achieved the world.

Ancient wars, modern wars, and even commercial competition are hard to imagine without a foundation and a strategic base. For example, you might have a recipe for cola, assuming that the cola formula is better than Coca-Cola. However, you have no capital to compete with Coca-Cola on the same stage. Because, don't say Coca-Cola's marketing expenses, even if it is a production base, any part of logistics and distribution, you can't match.

(3) Marketing, we must talk about the model, we must innovate, the model is the basis of marketing, and the innovation is the soul of development.

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